Traditional Thai Bodywork and Deep Tissue Massage

    Thai massage is done on the floor, on a mat, with the client fully clothed. It involves therapy through all the layers of the body, mainly skin, muscle, and connective tissue like tendons and ligaments. When necessary it can also be good for joints and bones, nerves, circulatory system, lymphatic system and organs. I use techniques like palm pressing, thumb pressing, stretching, pulling, and movement, separation, and manipulation of tissue. It can feel relaxing, but it is deep work and has a tendency to be challenging. It is highly therapeutic and with my techniques we can achieve amazing results. It helps with body awareness, injury healing, pain management, fascia releasing, joint range of motion restoration, emotional health, hormonal balancing, and the list goes on...More than anything, you will be reminded how important it is be compassionate to yourself and to care for yourself.

    My Therapeutic Deep Tissue massages are done on a table.  Although I specialize in results-based work, I also understand the need for comfort and relaxation.  I create my table massages to suit your needs. 

    My Pre-Natal Massages are done on a table, side-lying, and are suitable for the full duration of and postpartum to your pregnancy.

    I also offer traveling massages, where I will come to you to most locations within Portland city limits for an extra $5-$15 travel fee.  This is good for those confined to their homes due to illness, injury, or other limiting circumstances. The reach of bodywork is boundless.

All of my massages are created uniquely for you.  Improvisation and artistic creativity are a must.  Cooperation is encouraged!


I have both Standard Prices and Sliding Scale.  (I offer sliding scale in order to bring my therapy into more people's lives and to create a cooperative healing space where trust and generosity can grow.)

1 Hour Thai, Therapeutic Table or Pre-Natal Table            $70

90 Minute Thai, Therapeutic Table, or Pre-Natal Table    $100

2 Hour Thai, Therapeutic Table, or Pre-Natal Table          $130 

Sliding Scale Suggested Range:  

1 Hour ($40-$70) 

90 Minutes ($75-$100) 

2 Hours ($105-$130)