I love being given the opportunity through bodywork to help anyone that comes my way.  I am a stepping stone.  I understand pain and the struggles life has given with compassion, empathy and above all, non-judgement. I also know that there is transformation and growth through healing. I have training in Thai bodywork and am certified in Advanced Myofascial Techniques .  Through these modalities, I'm able to reach deep and listen intuitively to what a body is calling out for. 

    My goal for my clients is recovery, body awareness, and to teach self-care. I have extensive experience with people living with chronic pain, with acute injuries, those recovering from any trauma, with everyday emotional and physical stress, athletes, superheroes, underdogs, and anyone in need of the healing that can only come with human touch.  

    I offer sliding scale in order to bring my therapy into more people's lives and to create a cooperative healing space where trust and generosity can grow.

    I have been practicing since 2008, starting in my hometown El Paso, Texas where I received my foundational training with a multi-cultural lens by teachers from El Paso and from Mexico.  My Thai Massage training was at the Naga Center in Portland, Oregon. My CAMT is from Advanced Trainings with Til Luchau.